105 Video Surveillance


Murray State College aims to provide its community with a secure environment, which is enhanced by using video surveillance systems (VSS) technology to monitor its campus. The College is also sensitive to the privacy and freedoms of expression and assembly of members of its community. As a result, this procedure limits the use of approved equipment and the circumstances in which recorded material may be released. VSS technology is not intended to be used as a tool for routine performance management of College employees. Areas that handle currency will be monitored by the appropriate Administrator for the safety and security of those employees.

Due to the extreme sensitivity of VSS, access to all VSS equipment is controlled and limited to Full-Time Campus Police Officers, or the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs as designee. The IT Director or designee may access the VSS equipment for routine maintenance, upgrades, or camera positioning. Retrieval and viewing of any surveillance footage will only be viewed by a Campus Police Officer. VSS operators must be trained and supervised in the responsible use of surveillance technology, including the technical, legal, and ethical parameters of such use. Such standards prohibit the targeting of individuals based upon perceived individual characteristics or classifications such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or moral character. In addition, operators must not continuously observe people engaged in intimacy in public areas.

Requests for release of recorded data must be approved by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs through the Campus Police. Data directly related to a criminal investigation, subpoena, or arrest must be documented and accompanied by an incident report. Information obtained in a manner that is in violation of this procedure must not be used against a MSC community member in a disciplinary proceeding. Violations of any aspect of this procedure may lead to employment, civil, or criminal action.



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