1 Addressing the Board or Individual Members

Policy Statement (Board Approval Date:  03/22/11; Approved 05/30/12)

The Board invites public comment and will, at all times, act reasonably and fairly in hearing those comments.  The Board will limit the time for comment to two (2) minutes per public comment request and does not obligate itself to act upon any request until it has had time to consider fully the points at issue.  The Board will not accept documents provided in open session.


When approached by a student, employee, or citizen who wishes to secure information or voice a complaint concerning any part of the operation of the College, a Board member will refer the person to the President.  The item can then be either handled at the administrative level or properly placed on the agenda for consideration by the Board at their next meeting.

It is the practice of MSC to provide all lawful organizations or individuals an opportunity to formally address the Board if their desire is the furtherance of the educational objectives and philosophy of the College.

  1. Informal Comment: The Board provides opportunity at each Board meeting for the public to address both agenda and non-agenda items.  Each month the Board has on its agenda the following areas for input:  comments from the public on agenda items and comments from the public on non-agenda items.  The Board reserves the right to limit the time of any presentation on either of these agenda items.  No action will be taken on non-agenda input, as it would not have been published according to the Open Meetings Act.
  2. Formal Request for Action by the Board: Since it is the responsibility of the President in collaboration with the Board Chair to prepare the agenda for Board meetings, it is necessary for organizations or individuals to observe the following procedure should they desire to formally address the Board or to request action by the Board when it is in regular session:
    1. Write a formal letter to the President at the College address requesting permission to address the Board. The letter must be received at least ten working days prior to the Board meeting date.
    2. Give the facts on the organization represented, such as official name, number of members, purpose, address, and telephone number.
    3. State fully the reason for the request.
    4. State how much time is needed.
    5. Designate the individual who desires to address the Board.
    6. Include documentation with your formal request.


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