40 Conflict of Interest

Policy Statement (Board Approval Date:  03/22/11)

Employment by the College demands a professional commitment from the person so employed.   However, the knowledge of such skillful professionals is a resource often sought by educational institutions, business, industry, and other private and public institutions.  An employee’s primary professional responsibility to the College must not be impaired by the time and effort expended in such activities which might cause him/her to neglect any employee responsibilities.


  1. Outside Activities: Outside activities are defined as non-College-related activities that require as significant, recurrent, and long-term time commitment of the employee in an active-participatory manner for which compensation may or may not be received.  Such activities are not to be a conflict of interest with regard to the College.
  2. Conflict of Interest: Prior to engaging in such an outside activity, an employee should notify his/her immediate supervisor of the proposed activity for determination of whether or not it is a “conflict of interest” or may interfere with the employee’s assigned duties at the College.  Should the supervisor deem it to be a conflict of interest or a conflict with the employee’s job responsibilities, the issue may be reviewed at the appropriate administrative level, with written notification to the employee of the administrative decision.  A negative decision may be appealed through the appropriate College administrative channels.


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