56 Request for Pay Level Advancement/Change in Compensation


  1. Request for Pay Level Advancement:
    1. After completing requirements for pay level advancement, a full-time employee may complete an Application for Pay Level Advancement form. The Application for Pay Level Advancement form is available on the MSC Commons/MSC Forms.
    2. Documentation of credit hours completed must be attached to the Application for Pay Level Advancement form, and forwarded to the Human Resources Office by April 1 of the spring semester prior to the request being applicable for the following academic/fiscal year. Requirements for Pay Level Advancement include completion of 15 credit hours of college course work.
  1. Change in Current Employee Compensation:
    1. At times a supervisor or administrator may recommend a change in a current employee’s compensation (assignment of extra-duty pay or increase pay level) due to a significant increase/decrease in responsibilities, restructuring or reorganization of job responsibilities or market conditions. In some instances, such increases may be on a temporary basis during assignment of certain responsibilities.


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