121 Maintenance on Call

Definition:  Maintenance on Call Emergencies generally anything regarding gas, electricity, and gushing water are considered true Maintenance on Call Emergencies that require an immediate response.  Problems with these areas could actually hurt someone.

Gas Emergencies-If there are complaints of a gas smell call Maintenance on Call.

Electrical Emergencies-Electrical issues are different as not all calls are emergencies.  If the power is out in an entire block there is nothing Maintenance on Call can do about this problem.  If the power is off in one location this can be a tripped breaker and can be taken care of by calling Maintenance on Call.

Water Emergencies-Water will generally not hurt anyone but it can cause a lot of property damage.  Gushing water is something that could not be left until morning without severe drywall and wood damage.  Maintenance on Call will respond to this type of emergency by shutting off the water to the area.

Other Emergencies-Other emergencies occur such as backed-up sewer lines, lack of heat or a leaking roof for example.  But these are things that require experienced Maintenance Personnel and possibly an outside contractor.  These problems can usually be taken care of within 24 hours.  MSC has a list of contractors that can be utilized in emergency situations.

Everything else is generally a non-emergency and you should contact your immediate supervisor for resolution through the chain-of-command.  The President will be notified of all Maintenance Emergencies.

When a true Maintenance Emergency occurs that involves gas, electric or gushing water call 580.371.5286 for Maintenance on Call and immediate action will be taken.



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