42 Employee Evaluations and Files


  1. Employee Evaluation:
    1. All full-time employees are evaluated during the spring of each academic year and submitted to the Human Resource Director by September 1st. (Employee evaluation forms can be located on the MSC Commons/MSC Forms).
    2. Employees who receive less than an overall satisfactory rating will not be eligible for any across-the-board salary/benefit increases recommended for the next fiscal year, nor will they be eligible for any stipend or bonus.  Documentation of unsatisfactory ratings will be provided to the President.
    3. Prior to relocating or reassigning an employee under the direction of a new supervisor or a lateral position an Employee Evaluation will be performed and provided to the new supervisor.
    4. Deans will be evaluated utilizing the MSC Deans Performance Review Form found on MSC Commons.
    5. Program Chairs will be evaluated utilizing the MSC Program Chair Performance Review Form found on MSC Commons.
  2. Employee Files: The official personnel files are maintained in the Human Resources Office-AD                 104, and each employee has the right to review his/her own file.  He/she does not, however, have the right to remove any item from the file without proper authorization from the President.



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