4 Powers and Duties of the Board

Policy Statement (Board Approval Date:  03/22/11)

The Board develops broad, general policies for the direction of the administration of the College.  Policies may be initiated by members of the Board or by the President working with the Board.  Policies constitute guidelines for the President in formulating administrative organization and procedures for their implementation.

  1. The Board has the powers and duties according to Oklahoma Statutes (70 O.S. 2001 § 4405, 3407. B.2.).
  2. The Board will appoint, evaluate, reappoint, and/or terminate the President and establish his/her compensation.
  3. The Board delegates’ daily college operations to the President which includes but is not limited to the authority to appoint, evaluate, reappoint, and/or dismiss all other employees and establish their compensation.
  4. The Board has the authority to audit all college accounts.


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