30 Retrenchment (Reduction-In-Force)

Policy Statement (Board Approval Date:  03/22/11)

Programs, courses, activities, services, or persons whose positions are identified as no longer feasible to maintain or required to accomplish the mission and functions of the College will not be retained as a part of the College program.


Retrenchment Guidelines:  When the issue of discontinuance of a position or program is raised, the President will give notice of such an issue to the employee(s) involved.  In considering a retrenchment possibility, the College will consider the following:

  1. Any employee with tenure and/or seniority may be given the opportunity to readapt within a department or elsewhere within the institution if there is a need and/or funding available.
  2. Adequate allowances should be made for Affirmative Action guidelines.
  3. The College will make every attempt to eliminate part-time and adjunct positions to retain a full-time position.

When personnel actions are involved, MSC will be guided by the following:

  1. When a position/program is retrenched or eliminated, a statement of notification must be sent to the personnel affected by the action giving reasons for the retrenchment.
  2. Retrenched employees will be given notice in the event the College reopens a retrenched position or program or subsequently adds positions for which they are qualified within a one-year period. Notification will be sent by certified mail return receipt requested to the last officially known address.


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