23 College President (Qualifications, Appointment Terms, and Duties)

Policy Statement (Board Approval Date:  03/22/11)

The College President is the chief executive officer of the College and is responsible for the internal administration thereof.  The President is governed by policies of the Board, the regulations of the OSRHE, the Oklahoma Statutes, and applicable federal requirements.


  1. Qualifications: The Board sets qualifications for the position of President.
  2. Appointment Terms:
    1. The Board appoints a President for the College and sets the salary of the President for a specified period.
    2. The Board may employ a President for a specified period of time.
    3. The President is evaluated annually by the Board.
  3. Duties of the President of the College:
    1. Executes policies and procedures of MSC and of the OSRHE and updates MSC procedures as needed to operate the institution;
    2. Acts as professional advisor to the Board and keeps it fully and promptly informed concerning the operation and welfare of the College; and deals with members of the Board as a whole rather than as individual members, accepting counsel and supporting decisions of the Board;
    3. Delegates authority and responsibility to other officers, instructors, and employees and requires a full discharge of their duties;
    4. Presents to the Board the appointment, compensation, duties, and/or separation of employees as information;
    5. Prepares various financial reports and other reports as requested by the Board for review and/or approval;
    6. Develops and submits to the Board the annual budget for approval;
    7. Provides professional leadership and coordination for all activities of the College;
    8. Makes emergency decisions to prevent loss of life or property or prevent or reduce damage to property or injury to persons, and makes a report of such to the Board at the next regular meeting;
    9. Interprets the College and its programs and activities to the public;
    10. Pursues grants and contracts that will assist the College in fulfilling its mission;
    11. Establishes a strategic planning process, and presents the plan annually to the Board; and
    12. Submits annually, with assistance from administrative employees, an academic calendar for approval.
    13. Develops organizational structure of the College that provides for efficient operation of the institution. Within the power, the President may develop new positions or reassign personnel to increase efficiency of operations or programs toward institutional goals.


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