114 Publication or Required Information for Students and the Public

MSC provides various publications accessible to the public.  The College Catalog is reviewed by departments annually, and updates to services, programs, policies, and procedures are made to reflect information that is most current and accurate at the time of publication.  Furthermore, MSC provides an online Student Handbook that provides information supplementing the Catalog.  This publication is also reviewed and updated to reflect accurate information.  Additionally, the College website provides information about the calendar, admissions, program requirements, tuition and fees, (extracurricular, and other college related events), and refund policies.  Finally, other publications with related information that are accessible to the public in electronic and/or hard copy include college view books or brochures, Schedule of Classes (available on the website and in hard copy), departmental newsletters (such as Financial Aid, Student Support Services, and Career Services), and Student Activities Calendar.


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