63 Employee Service Awards


Employee Service Awards are ordered through the Recognition Company in May each year for award distribution at the Fall All Employee Meeting. HR will initiate an employee report in April to determine the anniversary dates for award eligibility in the Fall.   Employee Service Awards are acknowledged and awarded in increments of five years.  To determine award distribution HR will identify all full-time employees who are eligible to receive an award based upon their hire date and their longevity as of June 30 of the year for staff and August 1 of the year for faculty.   Example 1:  Jane was employed January 1, 2000 and her five-year anniversary is January 1, 2005; awards are given in the Fall of each year so although her anniversary is January 1, 2005 she would not receive an award until Fall 2005 after the anniversary date.  Awards will not be given out prior to the anniversary but they will be given at the next available Fall All Employee Meeting.


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