112 Camps on the MSC Campus

The following procedure outlines the appropriate course of action when any camp is conducted on the MSC Campus and funds are being collected and/or MSC Housing is used:

  • Submit an MSC Activity/Fundraising Form for approval.
  • Attach a liability release waiver for campers to the MSC Activity/Fundraising Form when it is submitted.
  • All funds collected will be deposited into the account number provided to you on the approved MSC Activity/Fundraising (your club account).
  • Dining Services will invoice the “Event Name” specified on the approved form for foodservice costs and supply that invoice to you.
  • The Director of Resident Life will invoice the “Event Name” specified on the approved form for all housing costs and supply that invoice to you (invoices will be marked “internally generated”).
  • Any person performing services that expects to be paid will provide you with an invoice before acheck will be issued (no cash payments).
  • When all camp invoices are received you may request checks for payment from your Club Account using the existing procedure.
  • If a camp involves an outside organization a contract must be approved by the Vice President for Business Affairs prior to the event.


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