93 News Releases to the Public


Information concerning the operation, direction, personnel, and practices of MSC should be consistent with the policies and attitudes of the Board.  Responsibility for carrying out the policies is assigned to the President.  The President may delegate authority for others to issue statements concerning segments of the College’s business, but only the President or designee may speak for MSC and its actions.  News or a news release is defined as:

  1. Recent or coming events, happenings, courses, programs, or promotions (especially those that are unusual or notable).
  2. Information about recent or coming events, happenings, courses, programs, or promotions of general interest (especially as reported by newspapers, radio, or television).
  3. A presentation or broadcast of such information.
  4. New information about anything previously unknown.
  5. News also includes internal mass communications from any MSC employee to all employees or all students.

With these generally accepted practices and definitions in mind and the knowledge that MSC must be aware of its positive public image, several guidelines have been set concerning public announcements (news) about MSC and its business:

  1. All news should be released through the Public Information Officer.
  2. Clearance review for releases in various areas should be made as follows:
    1. Academic matters, schedules, enrollment, new programs, community services, etc. – clearance by the chief academic officer.
    2. Student affairs, activities, housing, clubs, etc. – clearance by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.
    3. Athletic events – clearance by the Director of Athletics.
    4. Campus development, trends, goals of MSC, budgetary or financial matters, projects, federal or other grants, policy matters, future developments, etc. – clearance by the President.

The Public Information Officer will serve as the publicity director and will make news releases to public newspapers and radio and television stations.  Employees are requested to report all presumably newsworthy events to that office. *The Public Information Request Form with Guidelines can be found on the MSC Commons area.



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