5 Confidentiality Agreement

Policy Statement (Board Approval Date: 12/12/23)

The purpose of this Confidentiality Agreement is to help each Board Member in his/her service to Murray State College and to understand the duties of a Board Member and to protect the integrity of the Board in regard to the confidentiality of sensitive documents and information which are reasonably related to the Board. By signing this Confidentiality Agreement, I agree to the following:

I will follow and uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, the Constitution and the laws of the State of Oklahoma, the Board rules, and the policies and procedures of Murray State College.

I will conduct myself in the best interests of Murray State College and the Board in accordance with the provisions of the rules and statutes referenced above.

I will not intentionally or knowingly misrepresent the Board’s actions, policies, or position to others, nor will I commit the Board to policies, rules, or statutes not formally adopted through the policy making, rulemaking, and/or legislative process, and if I see such behavior or actions taken by other Board Members I will immediately report that behavior to the Board Chair.

I understand that there may be instances in which my personal interests might conflict with my duties as a Board Member. When potential conflicts arise, I will immediately recuse myself from participation in discussions and decisions. If such a conflict becomes apparent in a formal meeting, I will immediately and publicly acknowledge the existence of such and voluntarily recuse myself from any and all discussions and determinations made in regard to the matter. I acknowledge that the Board may document the existence of the conflict.

I understand that four (4) Board members constitutes a quorum and that to at any
time other than in a properly noticed Board meeting discuss Board business with three (3) other Board members, whether by mail, telephone or in person, violates the Open Meeting Act and subjects the participants to potential criminal penalties.

I affirm that I will keep confidential all confidential information including student
records, personnel records, and confidential communications. I understand that I should consult with the Board Chair and the College President should I have any question as to what is confidential or what may be disclosed to or discussed with others. I understand that I and the Board must comply with the Open Meetings Act and the Open Records Act.

I understand that any work performed or work product produced in fulfilling my duties as a Board Member is and will remain the sole property of the Board. Additionally, I understand that any confidential material acquired or used during my service with the Board may be asked to be returned to the Board at the end of my term. I agree that if such a request is made of me, I will immediately return such confidential material to the Board Chair. I further agree that I will not photocopy, forward by mail, forward by email, forward by fax, discuss verbally, or disseminate in any way any document or record of the Board without the prior written permission of the Board Chair. Additionally, if I become aware of a Board Member disseminating such information I will immediately report it to the Board Chair.

I agree that any violation of this Confidentiality Agreement shall be considered a violation of my oath of office and my duties as a Board Member which could lead to consequences outlined in board policy, up to censure or removal.


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