39 Commitment to the Institution

Policy Statement (Board Approval Date:  03/22/11)

In fulfilling his/her obligation to the College, an employee should:

  1. Be alert to and act upon every opportunity to promote the College and its individual programs.
  2. Assist in recruiting students for the College.
  3. Support and attend as many College activities as possible.
  4. Be accessible in serving students in his/her employee capacity.
  5. Support and participate in institutional development activities.
  6. Accept the responsibility of pursuing a personal goal of self-improvement and continued learning.
  7. Be customer service oriented.
  8. Make a professional commitment and fulfill their respective job responsibilities;
  9. Abstain from engaging in activities which might be deemed a conflict of interest, and
  10. Avoid in their personal activities implying that they are representing or speaking for the College and Board while taking into account that his/her actions may have impact upon the institution.


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