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The Student Affairs Division supports the Murray State College mission statement, and we are dedicated to making your educational and personal journey a great experience. For over 100 years, MSC faculty and staff have been dedicated to assisting students as they obtain their academic and personal goals. Student Affairs is committed to providing excellent customer service to our students, and we consider you a member of the MSC family. Our purpose is to serve you in a professional capacity while making you feel at home. As a new college student, you may wish to participate in the student senate, campus activities, athletic events, volunteer opportunities, and clubs and organizations. We exist to serve our students and are always willing to provide support and guidance as you pursue success. When you select a community college as your initial step into higher education, you have made a wise choice to belong to something special.

Quinton Jones
Executive Director of Student Affairs
Student Affairs Office
Resident Housing Office #2
(580) 387-7139

Becky Henthorn
VP of Academic and Student Affairs


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