General Campus Policies and Procedures

43 Emergency Procedures

Evacuation Procedures 

  1. Walk; do not run to the nearest exit, if you are indoors.
  2. If you are on an upper floor, take the stairs. Do not use the elevator.
  3. Assist any disabled/injured persons who are not able to leave the area quickly by themselves.
  4. Evacuate to the outside of the Buildings. Go to a pre-established Evacuation Assembly area or away from Buildings.
  5. Notify the Emergency Operations Center if there are disabled/injured persons needing assistance.

Fire Procedures 

Fire and emergency procedures will be explained to you in resident hall meetings. In the event an evacuation is necessary you should proceed according to the primary plan in your area, and use the alternate route if the primary exit is blocked. It is important to know what action to take if a fire should occur. Practice drills will be conducted periodically. All students must vacate when the fire alarm sounds. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Campus housing is equipped with a sprinkler system in case of a fire.

In case of a fire students should:

  • Recall exit plans. These plans are posted on bulletin boards on each floor. Do not panic or run.
  • If smoke is detected, report it at once to the Housing Manager or any MSC employee.
  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Before opening a door feel for heat. If does not feel hot, lean back and open slightly. Use hand to feel for heat.
  • If the breezeway or hall appears safe please proceed with exit away from the building.
  • If necessary, use wet towels or sheets to cover your head during exit.
  • If the breezeway or hall is not safe for exit plug all visible openings and open a window slightly and stay near it.


Tornado/Threatening Weather Procedures 

Information monitors are located throughout campus. In the event of severe weather, a notification will be posted on the monitors. Upon receiving a National Weather Service Advisory for a tornado warning, all students should:

  1. Take shelter within a building by moving to the center hallways; avoid large open rooms, gymnasiums and auditoriums.
  2. Students living in Resident Housing shall evacuate their room and go to the basement of the Health Sciences Building. Handicapped students will go to the first floor of the Administration building.
  3. Remain calm and evacuate the building or area in an orderly manner if there is sufficient time to go to the emergency shelter located in the basement of McKee Hall.
  4. Building Monitors will check for injured persons in your Building /area. Do not move any injured person unless there is serious danger to the person’s safety pending.


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