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23 Tobacco Use on Campus

Tobacco Use on Campus
Policy Statement (Board Approval Date: 03/22/11) (Updated: 08/22/11) (Updated: 04/01/12) (01.15.20)
In order to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff of MSC, and in order to maintain the appearance and attractiveness of the buildings on the campus, tobacco is not allowed in any building or on the grounds of Murray State College. Definitions: Tobacco use includes, but is not limited to, the carrying by a person of a cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other lighted smoking device or the use of smokeless tobacco including snuff, chewing tobacco (including chewing on an unlit cigar or other tobacco product), smokeless pouches, or any other form of loose-leaf, smokeless tobacco. The use of e‐cigarette devices/vaping is also prohibited on campus grounds.
The Oklahoma Smoking in Public Places and Indoor Workplaces Act, 63 O.S. §§ 1-1523; 1-1525, et seq., requires Murray State College and its constituent agencies to adopt policies regulating smoking in facilities owned, leased, or under their control. The Act prohibits the possession of lighted tobacco in any indoor place used by or open to the public, public transportation, or any indoor workplace, except where specifically allowed by law. In accordance with 21 O.S. §1247, all campuses, buildings and grounds, or portions thereof, owned or operated by an institution within The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education may be designated as tobacco free, including smoking or smokeless tobacco, by the institution upon adoption of a policy stating the tobacco restrictions for the institution and an intent to enforce the penalty for violations as set forth in subsection N of 21 O.S. §1247 effective November 1, 2010.
It is the intent of Murray State College to promote the health, well-being and safety of all students, employees, and visitors. As such, Murray State College is designated as a tobacco-free environment. Smoking and the use of all tobacco products are prohibited. This policy applies to all non-leased buildings and grounds owned or under the control of Murray State College, including any housing or residence facility owned, operated, or managed by the College. Effective August 6, 2012 Tobacco use is prohibited in all vehicles owned, leased, or under the control of Murray State college, the State of Oklahoma and all its agencies and instrumentalities including those that provide public transportation.
This policy states the intent of Murray State College to maintain a tobacco free campus and states its express intent to enforce the penalty for violations in accordance with subsection N of 21 O.S. §1247 using officers commissioned under the provisions of 74 §360.18 and the Board’s regular commissioning procedures.
1. Murray State College will not accept donations, gifts, money, or materials intended to promote the use
of tobacco or participate in any type of services that promote the use of tobacco.
2. Signage will by posted by the Physical Plant as appropriate to inform employees, students and visitors of
policy provisions.
a. “Breathe Easy” signs will be placed on all campus buildings.
b. “Tobacco Free Campus” will be clearly posted at all main campus entrances.
c. No ashtrays will be provided on campus.


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