Residential Living Policies

40 Services

Cable TV

Arrangements for cable TV service in resident can be made through Vyve 1.855.367.8983.

Dining Hall 

Meals are served cafeteria style in the dining hall located in the Park Student Center. Careful attention is given to nutrition, preparation, and the serving of meals, as well as the taste and variety. The preparation and serving of meals is the responsibility of the Great Western Dining food services manager and his/her staff, which includes part-time student employees. You may contact Great Western Dining by calling 580.387.7250. When the MSC campus is closed due to inclement weather or holiday, where resident housing remains open, meal times will follow the same schedule as a weekend. Three meals are served each weekday and two meals are served on both Saturday and Sunday for a total of 19 meals each week.

Monday – Friday:

Breakfast –









Resident Housing residents participate, as a part of their room and board fees in either the 15 or 19 meals-per week plan. Participants in the 19-meal plan will be served all 19 meals each week. Participants in the 15-meal plan may select any 15 of the 19 meals served each week. The 15 meal plan includes $50.00 of Aggie Bucks, and 19 meal plans include $100.00 of Aggie Bucks, per semester that can be spent in “The Grind” Snack Bar, located in the Student Union. Student ID cards loaded with the appropriate meal plan and are personalized with identification on the M2 Card for each student/employee. This card must be presented at each meal, and should be carried at all times.


The laundry room is located in the Residential Housing Office Suite and is free of use to all students living in campus housing. The College is not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged in the laundry facility. Please be considerate of others and make sure the area is clean after each use.


All student mail is delivered to the Media Center located on the 1st floor of the Administration Building.

Wireless Internet 

Murray State is dedicated to ensuring top-tier wireless internet access for all on-campus residents. Periodic interruptions in service might occur as we strive to enhance and modernize our internet infrastructure. Should you encounter any service disruptions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Residence Life at (580) 387-7135, and we will promptly assist you.

Keep in mind that access to our internet service is a privilege. All Murray State IT policies, along with local, state, and federal laws, are applicable. It’s essential to refrain from engaging in activities like pirating, copyright infringement, or any other form of illegal activity while utilizing our wireless internet. We strictly prohibit any actions that violate College policies or laws. In the event of such violations, the College retains the right to suspend or revoke your wireless internet privileges. Instances of misconduct will be reported to Residence Life Staff, Student Affairs, and the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Please be aware that any fines, criminal liabilities, or civil liabilities resulting from a violation committed by a resident will be the sole responsibility of that resident. Your responsible and ethical use of our wireless internet is crucial in maintaining a positive and productive online environment for the entire campus community.


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