Residential Living Policies

42 Housing Policies

Contract Fee

A $50 non-refundable Housing Contract Fee is required if you are a contractor for on campus housing. This contract does not guarantee availability of rooms.

Conflict Resolution

For tips on how to handle conflict please see the following:

Electric Billing

Murray State College administration allows $110.00 a month for each Aggie Suite. Electric bills overages on each bill are the responsibility of the suite residents. Any suite that goes over the allowed $110.00 per month will be divided by the students that live in the suite and charged to the students account.


Gambling of any kind is prohibited in resident housing and on campus.

Holiday Housing

Resident Housing and Dining Services will be closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break Holidays. If there are extenuating circumstances which warrant your stay over a holiday you must obtain permission from the Director of Resident Life by completing an “Extended Stay Form” two weeks prior to the holiday. You will be informed in writing 3 days after form submission. Additional room charges may apply. Housing Payments Room and board payments are due by the first day of classes according to the housing contract, unless other arrangements have been made through the business office.

Immunizations for Resident Students

Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70 §3243, requires all students who are first time enrollees in any public or private postsecondary educational institution in this state and who reside in on-campus student housing shall be vaccinated against meningococcal disease. Institutions of higher education must provide the student or the student’s parents or other legal representative detailed information on the risks associated with meningococcal disease and on the availability and effectiveness of any vaccine. The statute permits the student or, minor student’s parent or other legal representative, to sign a written waiver stating that the student has received and reviewed the information provided on the risks associated with meningococcal disease and on the availability and effectiveness of any vaccine, and has chosen not to be or not to have the student vaccinated. Waivers are available in the Housing Office 580.387.7135

Inspection of Rooms/Violations

Murray State respects the privacy of housing residents but reserves the right to enter/inspect any unit for the purposes of maintenance or room checks. Periodic room checks will be made to ensure damages do not occur. MSC reserves the right to inspect any room during a search for illegal substances when there is just cause, i.e., odor, detection by canine, paraphernalia. If found to be in violation of any campus policy, you may either be assessed fines, Campus Community Service, or depending on the severity, removed from campus housing. Campus Police reserve the right to inspect, at any time, in any Building, fire safety equipment.


In order to promote a safe healthy living environment, littering is prohibited. Any student caught littering will result in the following sanctions: First Violation -$35.00 fine Second Violation-$75.00 and 10 hours Community Service Third Violation -$150.00 and Resident Hall Probation


In the event a maintenance need or issue (burned-out light bulb, leakage from the ceiling, faulty door lock, etc.) please submit any maintenance request to the Director of Resident Life who will report repair needs immediately.

Mandatory Resident Housing Meetings

There will be at least one mandatory meeting for residents each semester. ALL residents must attend, without exception. Residents will be given important rules and regulations as well as updates on campus policies. The meeting will begin with a fire drill. Disciplinary action will result if a resident fails to attend a mandatory meeting.

Moving IN

Prior to moving in, a Housing Contract must be returned with a $50.00 contract fee. This contract fee reserves a space for the student. Note: If the contract fee is not paid a room cannot be guaranteed for the student. Residents are required to check into their assigned room and complete the following paperwork: Housing Agreement, Room Inventory, and Emergency Contact Information. Failure to check-in properly will result in a $200.00 fine. Residents will be held responsible for all contents therein. At the beginning of each fall semester, the Director of Resident Life inventories each room to assess conditions. Upon moving in the resident must verify the Room Condition Form and at that time must make any changes if deemed necessary. When the resident checks out, charges will be assessed for any damages or removal of furnishings that were made after the Room Condition Form was completed and signed. If damage occurs in the hallways, bathrooms, or any common area, all residents in the unit with damage will be financially responsible. If any accidental damage occurs during the school year it is the responsibility of the resident to report it to the Director of Resident Life so that changes can be made accordingly.

Moving Out

Proper check-out procedures must be followed. It is the responsibility of the resident to contact the Director of Resident Life before vacating the room or a $200.00 fee will be charged to your business account. After all personal items are removed and the room returned to the original condition (empty and clean), the Director of Resident Life will check-out each resident using the Room Condition Form, to assess any charges, in addition to completing a Housing Clearance Form. The room/front door key must be returned at this time. Residents are required to vacate resident housing within 24 hours of their last exam, unless they are participating in May commencement exercises. Property left in rooms will be disposed of as determined by the Director of Resident Life. All students must move out and remove all personal belongings at the end of the spring semester, even if you will be attending summer session. You will receive notification from the Director of Resident Life as to the dates of summer check-in. Failure to check-out properly at the end of each semester will result in a $200.00 fine.

Overnight Guests

Overnight guests who are not residents in housing at MSC are required to register with the Housing Office and pay a charge of $15.00 per night /maximum visit (2) nights in 30 days. Guests must be of the same sex as the host and are the responsibility of their host. Failure to properly register a guest will result in a $50.00 fine assessed to the host’s account.

Personal Hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene helps fight infection by removing substances that allow bacteria to grow on the surface of your skin. Personal hygiene includes health practices such as bathing, washing your hair and hands, brushing your teeth, and washing your clothes. Please be courteous of everyone you come in contact with and maintain proper personal hygiene.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are weekly from 10:00 p.m. – 10:00 a.m. Residents are expected to maintain reasonable quite at all times. Conversation and visiting should be confined to individual rooms or common rooms. Radios, stereos, and televisions should be kept to a low volume. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action and the possible loss of the privilege to keep your radio, stereo or TV in your room. Visitation hours in resident housing are from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 midnight.

Resident Housing Visitation

There will be a limit of (2) guests per resident as long as the residents and their guests are being respectful to the privacy and space of others. The host is responsible for the conduct and behavior of the guest. Visitation can be cancelled without notice at the discretion of the Director of Resident Life. Individuals who are not residents may be charged with trespassing if found in campus living quarters without permission. Nonresidents must leave residence housing when asked to do so by a staff member or their host. No guests under the age of 17 and no high school students are allowed in residence housing (exceptions by approval of the Director of Resident Life). Babysitting is not allowed.

Room and Hallway Keys

Students who lose their key should contact the Housing Office immediately. Lost keys result in a significant replacement cost (which could include replacement of all associated core locks, resulting in considerable charges) so please guard your key wisely. If you become locked out of your room, contact the Director of Resident Life or Resident Assistants after 5:00 p.m. for assistance. A lock-out fee will be imposed upon any student who locks themselves out of their room more than once. Fees for unlocking a student’s door are as follows: 1st time-free 2nd time and subsequent times $25.00; $40 after Mid-Night This charge will be placed on the student’s account via the Business Office by the Director of Resident Life. Never give your room key to another person. Anyone possessing a MSC room key that is not their own will be sent to the Campus Police office and an investigation will follow.

Room Assignments

Every attempt is made to accommodate student preferences for room assignments. Returning students will have first priority for room assignments; however, they must indicate their intent to live in housing before July 10. All other accommodations will be on a firstcome first-served basis. All athletic room assignments will be made by the Athletic Director. If at any time a student is no longer an active part of an athletic team MSC will re-locate that student to a non-athletic dormitory to avoid disruptions that occur due to athletic travel. NOTE: MSC reserves the right to consolidate vacancies by reassignment or adjusting the occupancy of an apartment to maximize the use of space at any time.

Room Changes

Requests for room changes are not automatic and must be approved by the Director of Resident Life. The “Request for Room Change” form is located in the Housing Office. This form must be completed and submitted for consideration. Moving without permission will result in your return to the original room and a $200.00 improper checkout fee will be charged to the student.

Room Damage/Replacement Charges

Charges are assessed up to the following amount for damages:

Replacement Suit Key $150
Replacement Suite/Unit Door Locks $275
Window Breakage $200
Bedroom Unit Door $285
Closet/Bathroom Door $222
Night Stand $150
Coffee Table $150
Light Fixture $75
Smoke Alarm $500
Replacement Hard Hey $125
Missing Smoke Alarm Battery $25
Window Blinds Damaged $150
Towel Rack Damaged $20
Formica Counter Top Damaged $600
Ceiling Fan Damaged $150
Return Air Vent Damaged $25
Exterior Door Damaged $300
Exterior Lights $250
Microwave Damaged $100
Refrigerator Damaged $200


If damages are in the hall or common areas, residents will be assessed a pro rata share for each occurrence. Replacement charges are subject to change, based on market value of the replacement at the time of damage. This list is not all inclusive and if other damages occur the anticipated damage charge will be determined by administration and applied to the student account. Note: Exterior lights are for public safety light and tampering with exterior lights will result in a $250 fine and second offenses will result in consequences up to and including dismissal from the college. Missing bulbs or removing bulbs from exterior lights will result in shared tenant sanctions. This equipment is necessary for the safety and security of our student body. Smoke detectors are for public safety and tampering with smoke detectors will result in a $500 fine and second offenses will result in consequences up to and including dismissal from the college. Missing smoke alarm battery or damage to smoke alarm will result in shared tenant sanctions. Emergency Exit doors found propped open or being used in non-emergent events will result in a $200 fine. Second violation will result in contract termination.

Room Decorating

Residents are encouraged to decorate their room however they are expected to maintain standards of decency. No nails, screws or bolts are allowed on/in the walls, ceiling, floor, or doors. Graffiti, writing or painting on college property is not permitted. Residents are responsible for all damages that may occur and damages will be assessed.

Room Furniture

Furniture is not allowed to be moved from one suite to another. Students are asked to leave all furniture in the room in which it was originally found. A student medical condition preventing them from sleeping on the bed provided by MSC requires a physician’s letter before the use of a privately owned orthopedic bed will be allowed. No outside furniture such as couches, love seats, reclines, personal mattresses, etc., are allowed in any dorm with the exception that, in the Aggie Suites only, a couch or recline may be allowed if the suite is not equipped with the 4 blue chairs provided. However, if the furniture is not removed upon move out and left for Housing Staff to remove it a $200 fine will be applied to each students account.

Tampering with Fire Control Equipment or Systems

Tampering with fire control equipment or video systems is considered to be a menace to human life and will not be tolerated in resident housing. Any person who disregards the rights and property of others by tampering with fire control equipment not only is in violation of College policy, but also subjects himself to civil charges. Any student caught tampering with the video systems, fire alarm, sprinklers, and/or fire extinguishers will have their housing contract terminated immediately. Propping of Secured Doors is not allowed. Propping of Secured Doors will result in the following sanctions: First Violation- $100.00 fine Second Violation- $200.00 fine Third Violation- Suspension from housing

Termination of the Housing Contract by Resident

After the student has signed a housing contract, the contract may be terminated by the resident only for official withdrawal from the college or upon graduation. When the resident withdraws from the college or moves out of resident housing during the contract period he/she is responsible for room and board charges for that academic term.


Lock your door every time you leave your room as a security measure against loss of personal property. When possessions are missing a resident should first check with the Housing Office. If you feel the items have been stolen, contact the Campus Police. Large sums of money and other valuables should not be kept in resident housing. Murray State College is not responsible for and does not carry insurance covering loss, damage, or theft of an individual’s personal belongings. Residents desiring such protection must obtain renters insurance at their own expense.


A dumpster is located on the west end of building three of the Aggie Suites, south of the cafeteria for McKee Hall, north of Patton Hall, and west of Aggie Flats. DO NOT leave the trash from your room outside the door of your room/suite or in the hallway, take it to the dumpster. Violation of this practice will result in fines and/ or community service.

Vehicle Registration

All students with vehicles are required to complete a vehicle registration form obtained by the Admissions Office. You must present the Admissions Office with a copy of your student ID before a Parking permit will be issued. The vehicle permit must be displayed at all times while your vehicle is on campus. Parking in emergency, fire, handicapped, delivery lanes or on the grass, is prohibited and will result in a fine. If using more than one vehicle, please complete a registration form for each.


Pets (animals) other than those specified as exceptions below are strictly prohibited in Murray State Housing.

Exception: Service Animals and Assistance Animals, such as Emotional Support Animals, which adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Approval from the ADA Compliance Officer is mandatory for all Emotional Support Animals and Assistance Animals before their presence is permitted on campus. For inquiries concerning eligibility, please reach out to the ADA Compliance Officer at Murray State, located at 1 Murray Campus, Tishomingo, OK 73460, Library Sciences Office 101F or by phone at (580) 387-7463.



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