Student Activities


Murray State College believes beneficial experiences and lasting impressions in college are those acquired in co-curricular or student activities. The College tries to provide student activities that will appeal to the interests or meet the personal needs of every student enrolled in the College. Any funds collected by student organizations must be deposited with and processed through the College Business Office. Murray State College will be offering a wide variety of activities involving competitive and non-competitive activities. Everyone is welcome to participate, and the Executive Director of Student Affairs is always willing to discuss possible activities with any student. (Executive Director of Student Affairs, 580.387.7139).

MSC Activities Calendar

Intramural Sports 

Murray State College offers intramural sports as students express an interest. Information regarding organization of these activities is available. (Executive Director of Student Affairs at 580.387.7139)

Social Events 

Social events sponsored by student organizations and other college groups are encouraged. There is no charge for approved student organizations to use most campus facilities, but they must follow the procedures outlined:

  1. Contact the Student Life Office for approval and scheduling of any event.
  2. Obtain the services of an employee to serve as a sponsor, who will complete an Activity/Fundraising Form.
  3. Any funds collected by student organizations must be deposited /processed through the College Business Office.
  4. Notify the Student Life Office at 580.387.7139 if there are changes in the event as approved or if the event is canceled. Please be reminded that the conduct of students and non-students at the event is the sponsoring organization’s responsibility. Additionally, all college rules and regulations must be observed.


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