Code of Conduct

30 Conduct Review Process


Handling of Complaints of Violations of Disciplinary Rules and Regulations:

  1. Any student or College employee may file a report of a College policy violation. The report form is available on the MSC Website or linked here: Reporting Form.
  2.   The report asks for the name of the accused student, the specific details of the violation.
  3. Allegations of violations will be referred to the Executive Director of Student Affairs.
  4. Upon receipt of the allegations, the Executive Director of Student Affairs will investigate the alleged violations, i.e. gather additional information and witnesses, if necessary, and determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence and information to charge a student with the alleged violation.
  5. Reports may be initiated for incidents where concurrent criminal charges are pending. The College may resolve incidents without regard to either pending civil litigation or criminal prosecution. College conduct proceedings may proceed before, during, or after court proceedings.

Informal Conference
Upon review and where sufficient evidence exits that a student has violated the student code of conduct may have occurred, a student will be notified with a letter through their MSC Campus Email.  Students may be asked to meet with the conduct officer to discuss the violations.

Formal Student Conduct Meeting
In conduct situations where suspension or expulsion may be a possible sanction, a formal student conduct meeting will be held with the student and the conduct officer(s).  Students will be notified of the meeting through a letter that will be sent to their MSC email address. The student will be expected to attend the meeting at the designated time to prevent any further conduct actions. Students have the right to be accompanied by a support person.



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