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22 Registered Student Organizations Advisor’s Role

Registered student organizations are run by the student officers. The advisor’s role is to provide advice and guidance, and to help ensure that Murray State College policies and local, state, and federal laws are upheld. The advisor can often assume the role of a mentor, resource person, and student motivator. Advisors should seek to challenge the student officers to be responsible leaders. Student organizations are great learning vehicles for students developing leadership skills. Advisors often can also provide some continuity as student officers continually change.

An advisor is often called upon to be in attendance at a registered student organization sponsored event occurring on or off campus. For this reason, many organizations find it beneficial to have more than one (1) advisor. Please recognize that advisors volunteer their time to advise student organizations.


Murray State College Club/Organization Advisor Requirements:

 A club/organization advisor must be a full time faculty member or full time staff member of Murray State College. Advisors are subject to approval by the Student Affairs Office.

The following are the general duties of a club/organization sponsor:

  • Attend all general meetings of the club/organization.
  • Attend any called club/organization advisor meetings.
  • Be familiar with and comply with club and organization requirements.
  • Track club/organization Officer GPAs to ensure they are in good standing.
  • Help Presidents prepare meeting agendas if necessary.
  • Meet with Presidents and other Officers as often as needed.
  • Oversee club/organization daily operations and functions.
  • Track and approve all spending by the club/organization. Offer financial advice as necessary.
  • Provide continuity for the club/organization from year to year.
  • Act as a resource to the club/organization.
  • Attend programs and events sponsored by the club/organization.
  • Assure the Club Requirements Audit Form is turned in in a timely manner. Failure to do so could have an impact on club/organization funding.
  • Challenge the club/organization to be creative in improving and growing the club/organization.
  • Promote club/organization activities to other faculty and staff.
  • Grow the social media of the club/organization.


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