General Campus Policies and Procedures

54 Computer Laboratory Procedures and Rules

Computer Laboratory Hours

Laboratory hours will be posted. Hours may change from time to time, depending on availability of personnel and/or patterns of demand. A computer laboratory may be closed without prior notice in the event that a lab attendant is not available for supervision or if emergency work/maintenance on computers or the local area network is required.

Laboratory Staff Responsibilities 

Computer laboratory staff, including work-study students, may not be used by any faculty, staff, or students for services not within their normal responsibilities. Except in special circumstances, individuals without a computer/network account with MSC will not be given access to MSC technology. Due to licensing limitations, do not expect staff to load all software on every computer (see copyrights).

Laboratory Rules  

Computer laboratory users are required to honor the following rules:

  • Food or drinks are prohibited
  • MSC is a tobacco and smoke free campus including vape products
  • No children or visitors are allowed in the lab
  • Unauthorized duplication or sharing of software programs is prohibited
  • Downloading and storage of copyrighted material is prohibited
  • Writing or sending abusive messages is prohibited
  • Do not reveal personal addresses or telephone numbers
  • Use of vulgarities and other offensive language is prohibited
  • All communications and information should be considered private property unless clearly labeled otherwise
  • Do not provide your password to any other user
  • Do not display video, graphics, or any other material that may reasonably be considered ethnically, racially, or otherwise offensive to other laboratory users
  • Do not make excessive noise that could disrupt the concentration of other laboratory users
  • Do not make multiple copies of the same document
  • Printing with laser printers will normally be limited to reasonable use
  • Users are required to sign in for lab usage and sign out when session is complete


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