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60 Understanding a Grade Appeal

An appeal of grade is a form process for that requires considerable time and effort on behalf of the student. The burden of proof lies with the student. The preparation on behalf of the student can take many hours. There are several things to consider before you file an appeal.

  1.  Do you really need to file an appeal?  Grade errors can happen. Have you talked with the instructor to determine if the correct grade was submitted?  If an error has occurred the instructor can make corrections.
  2. Do you have grounds for an appeal?  Even though you may feel like the grade you received was unreasonable, if the instructor followed the course syllabus, applied the same level of rigor to all students, and calculated the grade correctly, then you are unlikely to win such an appeal unless you can present evidence that you were treated unfairly.

Before you file an appeal, you must have contacted the instructor to attempt to resolve your issue and you meet with the Dean of the Academic Area in question.

If after meeting with the Dean you still want to pursue a grade appeal, you must file a formal request using the grade appeal form. You must state the reason for the appeal, and you must provide evidence to support your case.

Grade Appeal Procedures



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