Residential Living Policies

41 Safety and Security

Electrical Appliance Not Allowed

Due to fire and safety hazards, any type of grill, personal heaters, cooking stoves, rice cookers, hot plates, sun lamps, or halogen lamps are not allowed.


Housing residents are urged to be familiar with emergency procedures of resident housing. MSC Staff are trained and responsible for issuing specific instructions when an emergency arises. Each resident is requested to observe the following practices to prevent fires: 1. Dispose of trash before it accumulates. 2. Do not use or keep flammable or explosive substances, such as gasoline, cleaning solvent, etc., in housing areas.

Fire Evacuation

1. Recall exit plans. These plans are posted on the bulletin boards of each floor. Take time to plan your exit. Do not panic or run. Walk down steps and through breezeways.

2. If smoke or other evidence of a fire is detected, report it at once to the resident housing manager, or any other campus administrator.

3. Close all doors. Close all windows and turn off exhaust fans.

4. Feel doors before they are opened. If they do not feel hot then brace with your foot, hold your head away and open the door slightly. Put your hand across the opening to test the heat of the air.

5. If the breezeway appears safe, then use the planned exit you have been assigned. For your safety go to the opposite side of the street from your exit.

6. As an added precaution, cover your head with wet towels or sheets when possible as you make your exit.

7. If the breezeway is not safe for you to exit, plug any openings or cracks by which smoke, super-heated air, or toxic gas may enter using towels, blankets, sheets, etc., then open a window slightly and stay near it.

Hoverboards, Skateboards, Scooters, Rollerblades

Due to safety issues related to the charging and operation of hoverboards, and out of an abundance of caution, Murray State College will implement several temporary restrictions on the use of hoverboards on campus.

The following restrictions are effective immediately:

• Hoverboards will not be allowed in college housing or college facilities.

• Hoverboards cannot be recharged in any college owned /leased facility or building.

• Individuals who choose to ride hoverboards on campus must follow all traffic and pedestrian laws.

Restrictions will remain in place until safety concerns are resolved. All items with wheels except, bicycles are prohibited in Resident Housing. If you do bring a bicycle with you it is to be kept outside, locked on the bike racks outside the housing facility.

Tornado/Threatening Weather Procedures

In the event of severe weather, a notification will be send via the 9-1-1 Cellular App. Upon receiving a National Weather Service Advisory for a tornado warning, all students should:

1. Take shelter within a building by moving to the center hallways; avoid large open rooms, gymnasiums and auditoriums.

2. Students living in Resident Housing shall evacuate their room and go to the basement of the Health Sciences Building. Handicapped students will go to the first floor of the Administration building.

3. Building Monitors will check for injured persons in your Building /area. Do not move any injured person unless there is serious danger to the person’s safety pending.


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