Student Activities

20 Student Government Association

The Student Body of Murray State College each year elects Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Officers as representatives in college affairs. SGA is composed of a President, Vice President, Associate Vice President of Ardmore, Secretary, Treasurer and Media Relations Officer. These officers are elected from the student body at large. All officers and representatives of SGA are required to maintain good standing in order to continue as representatives. Violation of College policies or civil or criminal law may result in removal from office at the discretion of the Executive Director of Student Affairs after consultation with the Student Government Executive Committee. The Student Government is empowered to recommend any rules considered necessary for the betterment of Murray State College, to grant charters to clubs and organizations who wish to become officially recognized, and to sponsor and supervise many extracurricular activities of Murray State College.

SGA Events Calendar to Include :

  • Student Life Activities
  • SGA Meetings
  • Club meetings, events, philanthropies
  • Other events (Scholastic, Collegiate FFA, etc.)



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