General Campus Policies and Procedures

46 Student Health Guidelines and Services

Medical Care 

MSC Students can receive medical services at a reduced rate, from the Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma, located at 610 E. 24th Tishomingo, OK. Students must make an appointment and take a current Student ID card and schedule before you will be seen. Any lab work, injections, or x-rays will be at 50% of the normal cost. Please call 580.371.2343 for an appointment and further information.

Comprehensive Medical Coverage

 Although Murray State College does not endorse any carrier, several insurance companies make voluntary programs of comprehensive student health protection available. This protection is designed to meet the needs of both single and married students in case of serious illness or accident. The programs provide “year-round” protection to students both during college terms and summer vacations. These forms are available in the Administration Finance Office 580.371.7121 MSC does not offer vouchers for medical services. Students may take advantage of services offered by the Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma (FHCSO) in Tishomingo for a reduced rate. A wide variety of medical, dental and mental health services are provided by FHCSO.

Communicable Diseases 

Individuals with a communicable disease shall conduct themselves responsibly according to current medical guidelines. Failure to act responsibly in order to protect others from infections may result in disciplinary actions.

  • Students are responsible for helping to maintain the health and safety of students living in the residence hall.
  • Maintain Social Distancing standards
  • Wearing a mask is strongly recommended
  • Wash hands often
  • Visitor’s will not be allowed in campus housing (Violators are subject to contract termination)
  • All MSC Students/Staff/Faculty will be required to complete Coronavirus Training through SafeColleges.
  • If you are sick, please notify the Director of Resident Life immediately


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