5 Academic Integrity Policy & Procedures

TCC’s Student Academic Integrity Policy, Policy SH.02.A, outlines your expectations and responsibilities in terms of academic integrity. Students at Tulsa Community College are expected to behave as responsible members of the College community and to be honest and ethical in their academic work.  Please familiarize yourself with this policy by clicking here to open the pdf or click the following tab to read the contents (the relevant sections are highlighted in red in the tab version below):



Key Takeaways

Select responsibilities as per Policy SH.02.A: 

  • Students are responsible for adhering to course requirements as specified by the instructor in the course syllabus
  • Students must follow all written and verbal instructions given by instructors
  • Students are responsible for obtaining authorization from their instructor about posting examination materials, assignments, and/or exams on homework help sites or other Internet sources
  • Students must do their work and submit only their work unless otherwise permitted by the instructor
  • Students assume full responsibility for the content and integrity of the coursework they submit
  • Students understand that all violations to the Academic Integrity Policy become a part of their disciplinary records


What is meant by Integrity Violation? 

It means “engaging in, attempting to engage in, or assisting others to engage or attempt to engage in conduct that violates the standard of academic integrity”. Violations include:

  • Cheating and Unauthorized Collaboration
  • Plagiarism
  • Misuse or Altering of Academic Materials, Records, and/or Technology

Please familiarize yourself with the details of each violation in the TCC Student Handbook (Policy SH.02.A). Click here to open the pdf or click the following tab to read the contents:



Test Your Understanding

Now complete the following quiz to check your understanding.




Have a look at the following scenarios and check the correct answer(s) to each. There may be more than one correct answer. You may need to scroll down to see the whole page. Please go through all 7 slides.




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