12 Misrepresentation: Recycling


You are expected to submit your own work and this work must be new and original. Recycling is a form of plagiarism called self-plagiarism. It refers to:

  • Submitting your own previous work, entirely or partially, in another course as new and original
Source: (brgfx, n.d.)


Test your understanding: What are you allowed to do?

Scenario 1

You wrote a great paper for your sociology class, and it happens that the same topic is on the list of choices in your criminology class. Can you change the title page to the new course and submit your paper in the criminology class?

Scenario 2

You wrote a great paper for your philosophy class, and you want to use some of your analyses and conclusions in another paper that deals with a similar topic in one of your psychology classes. Can you reuse a portion of your own work in a new paper?


Scenario 3

You failed your English class and have to repeat it. You don’t want to fail again, so you take your paper you wrote previously and use your instructor’s corrections and feedback to improve the essay. You then submit it in your current English course. Is this acceptable?

Scenario 4

You had a team project in last year’s marketing class, and your team received an A on your case report. This year, you are taking a business class, and you get the option to select your own topic for your report. As you are really interested in the topic you did last year, you take your previous case report as a basis, add new portions with some new research you did, and then submit it in your current class.


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