6 Assessment: OER 101

Congratulations on reaching the first milestone for OER 101!

You have finished the first series of modules for OER:  101 and are now eligible to earn your OER 101 digital badge.  We hope once you earn this first badge, you will continue on to OER:   A Deeper Dive and earn your next-level OER Champion badge.

About the OER 101 Assessment & How to Claim Your OER 101 Digital Badge

The OER 101 Assessment will test your knowledge of the material presented in this first set of modules. Complete the assessment below; you may retake it as many times as you wish. When you achieve 80% or above, you will receive the Certificate of Completion via digital badging. This certificate can be submitted to the appropriate department at your institution to potentially earn hours toward professional development or continuing education units (CEU). The recommended number of hours is three (or .3 CEUs).

Go to the OER 101 Quiz in the OCO Learning Portal to Earn Your OER 101 digital credential!

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