10 A Look at OER in Oklahoma

Learning Objectives

This chapter will support learners in being able to: 

  • Review the current landscape of OER in Oklahoma Higher Education
  • Recognize opportunities to develop OER advocacy at your institution
  • Identify resources across the state and locally that can help you and your department

OER in Oklahoma Higher Education

Understanding Open Educational Resources infographic
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This module will provide a broad overview of OER across the state. This includes discussion of the OER collaboration groups, shared OER development resources, institutional advocacy efforts, and pathways for involvement.

Support for OER

Support Locally at Your Institution

Support and training for faculty adoption of OER varies widely from institution to institution. When it happens successfully, it happens with collaboration and commitment from departments and divisions across a college or university. Libraries, Centers for Teaching & Learning, or Faculty Development Departments are often at the forefront of OER support and training. There are also other valuable stakeholders ensuring faculty and students are successful with the adoption and use of OER. These include administrators, department chairs, advisors, counselors, institutional effectiveness or assessment offices, marketing, bookstores, and, most importantly, our students.  Reach out to those at your institution who can help you with adoption, use, and creation of open educational resources. Start the conversations with the colleagues in your department, many of whom may already have experience with open educational resources.

Guide to Oklahoma OER Collaborations & Resources

Visit the Online Consortium of Oklahoma’s Open Educational Resources (OER) priorities page for the most up-to-date information.

Screen capture of OCO website OER webpage highlighting why open education and news from institutions
The OER priorities webpage features our collaboration news, resources from institutions, and other important opportunities.

Support from the Global Community

Education is sharing. The open community values this commitment to sharing resources and expertise with others. Several organizations supporting open education and open educational resources are listed below. These communities, which are made up of open education experts from around the world, are excellent resources for questions, support, and collaboration. You are encouraged to take advantage of the free training, listservs, and the wealth of knowledge this community can provide.

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