Credit Notes

This book is a compilation of several Creative Commons textbooks and resources. This book pulls from the following sources:

Minor edits, revisions, and additions were made to make the above material more accessible to students outside of the specific courses and institutions the original works were created for. Each chapter contains the original licensing, author, title, and other important information for the primary text(s) used in that chapter of the book. Each individual chapter section contains the individual licensing, author, and title information of the primary and secondary sources used in that specific section in order to clearly attribute each part of the textbook to the contributing author, text, and institution. This adaptation has reformatted the original texts in order to make this a cohesive textbook; however, these adaptations did not significantly alter or update the original texts noted on this page and in the credit sections of each chapter and section.

Composition 1: Introduction to Academic Writing is made available under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, except where otherwise noted.


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