4.6 Writing the Essay: End-of-Chapter Exercises

[1]End-of-Chapter Exercises

  1. Find a piece of academic writing you admire and copy down the first sentence of each paragraph. How well do those sentences reflect the flow of the argument? Show those sentences to other people; how clearly can they envision the flow of the piece?
  2. Edit these passages for concision, using the three moves described in 4.3. Be sure to preserve all of the meaning contained in the original.
    1. Each and every student enrolled in our educational institutions deserves and is entitled to competent instruction in all of the key academic areas of study. No student should be without ample time and help in mastering such basic skills.
    2. If you really have no choice in regards to avoiding a long and extended bureaucratic process in making your complaint, it is very important that you write down and document every aspect of the case for use by all of the parties involved in the process.
  3. Find a scholarly article or book that is interesting to you. Focusing on the abstract and introduction, outline the first, second, and third stories of its thesis.


  1. 4.6 (except where otherwise noted) was borrowed with minor edits and additions from Writing in College by Amy Guptill which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


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