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PressbooksEdu is more than just a place to build books full of rich media and dynamic content; it’s a whole network of cataloged books in curated collections, many of which are openly licensed so you can pull them – whole or in part –  into our network to customize and make them perfect for your course! PressbooksEDU includes a number of education-specific features.

Check out some great examples of Pressbooks’ built in features in action!

Pressbooks Feature Alert!

Below is another example of H5P (Accordian)


Now search the Pressbooks Directory to see if there’s a book you’d want to adopt or adapt for use with your students!

While you can import openly licensed content from anywhere, if you find a book on any Pressbooks platform that seems fairly close to what you want for your students, you can easily clone it and get started customizing right away!


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