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Reminder! Any time an original work is created in a fixed, tangible medium of expression it gains a copyright. The creator of that content, whether it’s a visual, audio, or text-based work is known legally as the “author.” When using this platform, there are opportunities for you to incorporate another author’s work. You must make sure you do so legally. See Copyright.gov for more info.


When using this platform, you must adhere to copyright law, which means content your use must be either:

  • Your own original work
  • Material that is openly licensed (or in some way clearly marked with permission to retain and share), or in the public domain
  • Material protected by copyright that you have gained permission to use, and that permission is clear and in writing; or, material protected by copyright for which your use falls under a specific legal exemption (such as fair use)

It’s important to know that if at any point you have questions about copyright, there are resources that can help you. The librarians might be able to help you research the copyright status of a work and the Access Services Office can guide you in how to seeking permissions. See this page of the TCC Copyright Guide for more information. However, with OER, it is better to source content from openly licensed material. That’s kind of the whole point!

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Here’s some FAQ about copyright

User Agreement

By using TCC’s Pressbooks platform through OCO, you are agreeing to adhere to TCC’s Copyright Policy. Please note that as a user you are responsible for any copyright assessments, and the college will not accept responsibility for copying made in excess of fair use. Faculty, staff, and students who face litigation over copyright infringement should not assume that the College would defend them nor be responsible for judgments (SH.04.B). For more information on intellectual property and copyright infringement policies, see the Tulsa Community College handbooks. 



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