H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
21Recommended Fact-Checking SitesMultiple Choice
22Source Types PurposeSingle Choice Set
23The Life Cycle of InformationImage Slider
24info cycle exerciseDrag Text
25CR Exercise Traditional formatsTrue/False Question
26CR Exercise MC Traditional FormatsMultiple Choice
27Online Sources CR exerciseTrue/False Question
28Test Your Knowledge: Scholarly Conversation T/FTrue/False Question
29Test Your Knowledge: Why We Cite SourcesMultiple Choice
30Test Your Knowledge: Fill in the Blank - In-Text CitationFill in the Blanks
31Test Your Knowledge: Citation StylesMark the Words
32Test Your Knowledge: Citation Generators T/FTrue/False Question
33Test Your Knowledge: Citation Steps for Any Style T/FTrue/False Question
34Sample drag and dropDrag Text
35Test Your Knowledge: A Very Brief History of the InternetFill in the Blanks
36Test Your Knowledge: Comparing Search ToolsMultiple Choice
37Please click on the logo of the search engine that can be defined as "a rude, noisy, or violent person" or "an exclamation of joy or excitement."Find the Hotspot
38Test Your Knowledge: Academic Search Tools T/FTrue/False Question
39Test Your Knowledge: Open AccessTrue/False Question
40Test Your Knowledge: Searching and PrivacyFill in the Blanks
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